Ooops, the
Cattaraugus County New York GenWeb
Has Moved

 Diary of Wilfred "Friday" Allen

This Diary, and the Cattaraugus GenWeb have moved to a new server.

Click on either of the links below, but please first take a minute to read why we made the move.

Why the move?

December 23th 201 7 the Cattaraugus Web Site, along with ALL sites on Rootsweb were shut down, without notice. 
A representative from Rootsweb, Tony Blackham posted the following explanation, quoted here in part.

Posted by Tony Blackham on December 23, 2017 in Website
Update: RootsWeb updates can be found on RootsWeb homepage.
We want to share an important security update with you.

First, for the approximately 55,000 customers who used the same credentials at RootsWeb’s surname list and Ancestry – whether currently active or not – we have locked their Ancestry accounts and will require that they create a new password the next time they visit. We have also sent them emails to alert them to the situation. Though we have seen no activity that indicates these accounts have been compromised, we believe taking this additional measure is the right step to ensure the security of these customers. If you have not received an email or a notice requiring you to change your password, you have not been affected. Again, this issue involves less than one percent of our users, so there is a very good chance your account wasn’t involved.

Second, we have temporarily taken RootsWeb offline, and are working to ensure that all data is saved and preserved to the best of our ability. As RootsWeb is a free and open community that has been largely built by its users, we may not be able to salvage everything as we work to resolve this issue and enhance the RootsWeb infrastructure.

It became clear as we went into January that the "temporary" shutdown was going to be long term.  Many of us County Coordinators decided it may be months before we were back up, and moved our county sites to other servers. Many of us at our own expense.  

At the beginning of January, 2018 a decision was made to move the Cattaraugus Web Site to a private server.  The move was intended to be temporary, but as months passed with no word from Rootsweb, we decided to make the move permanent.

So we are now up an running, as  "" -  no advertisements, no pop-ups,  just Genealogy